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Getting Substance Abuse Treatment?

Wayne County residents call 1-800-686-6543
Monroe County residents call 1-734-243-7340.
  • Focused on Reaching Goals

    Focused on Reaching Goals

    After graduating from high school in 2012, Andrea Davis thought she was on the right path to reach her goal of becoming a nurse. She attended Georgia Perimeter College until 2014 and then applied to... more

    Sept. 2016 view
  • Life is a Highway

    Life is a Highway

    Wayne Hughes has traveled that highway. As a former felon, Mr. Hughes meandered through various jobs and training programs with no career compass and no sustainable connection to the workforce... more

    Sept. 2016 view
  • A Business Committed to Grooming Youth for Success

    A Business Committed to Grooming Youth for Success

    The WIOA Youth Program at the Michigan Works! Highland Park Service Center has had incredible success in partnering with Total One Resources. Total One Resources is a... more

    July 2016 view
  • A Cool, Cost-Saving Opportunity in HVAC

    A Cool, Cost-Saving Opportunity in HVAC

    Adam Detloff is the type of customer a Career Development Facilitator (CDF) dreams about. Adam came to the Michigan Works! Highland Park Youth Program in March of 2015 because... more

    June 2016 view

What is the Southeast Michigan Community Alliance (SEMCA)?

Since 1996, the Southeast Michigan Community Alliance (SEMCA) has been a leader in workforce development programs. SEMCA partners with various contractors to service residents in Wayne and Monroe counties, excluding the city of Detroit.

SEMCA is committed to its vision for a competitive economy that is sustained by private and public partnerships that develop a productive workforce.

As a result of our dedication to the residents of southeast Michigan, SEMCA is accredited by the Council on Accreditation, the first nonprofit organization in the country to receive such an accreditation from the Council under its newest network standards.

SEMCA is governed by three volunteer boards that fulfill specific functions of the organization the Workforce Development Board, the Education Advisory Group, and the Southeast Governmental Alliance (SEGA).

SEGA is the governing board of SEMCA. It is comprised of elected officials from the SEMCA region. The Honorable Mayor Abdul (Al) Haidous, City of Wayne, is the board chair. read more

  • WIA YOUTH IT Tour at Compuware
  • The Tech Shop in Allen Park
  • Workforce Development Board Chair, Charlie Mahoney
  • 2012 Hero 2 Hired Job Fair
  • Hero 2 Hired Job Fair 2014
  • CNC/Welding Jobseekers and Employer Forum
  • WIN's Career Pathways Conference
  • Josh Linker spoke at our Fresh Start event.
  • Earn and Learn Participany Advisory Council
  • UAW-Ford Training for the WIA Youth Program
  • Global Youth Service Day 2015
  • WIA Youth Tour of Compuware.