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Michigan Works helps United Home Services Inc. overcome their challenges

Robert Mc Donnell, Business Solutions Representative, of the Michigan Works! Wayne Service Center, recently partnered with United Home Services Inc., a local contractor that performs scheduling and installation services in Michigan and Northwest Ohio for Home Depot Inc. They reached out to Michigan Works! at a time when their business was experiencing rapid growth and increased demand for their installation services. To meet this increased demand, United Home Services Inc. felt it was imperative to increase the number of customer service positions at their Livonia office where installation service requests are answered and scheduled. After experiencing some difficulty identifying qualified candidates at a pace fast enough to keep up with the demand for their installation services, United Home Services Inc. leveraged their resources by reaching out to Mr. McDonnell in hopes that Michigan Works! could help their business overcome this challenge.

Mr. McDonnell met with representatives from United Home Services Inc. to gain a clearer understanding of their specific needs and to identify ways in which he and the rest of his Wayne Michigan Works! Business Solutions Team (BST) could most effectively provide assistance. Immediately following this meeting, Mr. McDonnell and his team developed an individualized hiring strategy for United Home Services Inc. and began planning, coordinating, and recruiting for a hiring event specifically designed to attract qualified talent to fill the business’ Customer Services positions. Representatives from United Home Services Inc. were elated with the comprehensive support they received (i.e., professional consultation/advice, immediate access to a large network of job-seekers, strategic planning services, advertising, pre-screened applicants, and office space to conduct the hiring event and on-the-spot interviews), all which was free of charge.

“[We] are very happy to have Trina and look forward to her contribution to the department's growth. We anticipate a continued relationship with Michigan Works!” --Chad Osborne, Department Manager for United Home Services

The hiring event was a great success! The Wayne Michigan Works! BST supplied United Home Services with ten pre-screened and qualified candidates for interviews. However, the story doesn’t end there. In addition to all of the pre-hire services the BST provided to this business, they also helped identify two individuals who were hired by United Home Services that were eligible to receive National Emergency Grant funded On-the-Job Training (OJT). One of the customers selected by United Home Services was Trina Mitchell, who had owned and operated a retail clothing business for ten years until she was forced to close her business due to factors outside of her control. After Mitchell’s business closed, she struggled to find a permanent job; that is, until she attended the hiring event hosted by Michigan Works! and then began her OJT. After all that she had been through, Ms. Mitchell was amazed by the efficiency and effectiveness of the Michigan Works! system and commented how she was, "…thankful for how quickly Michigan Works! was able to help [her] find employment”. As a testament to another job well-done by the Michigan Works! Business Solutions Team, Chad Osborne, Department Manager for United Home Services, put it this way, “[We] are very happy to have Trina and look forward to her contribution to the department's growth. We anticipate a continued relationship with Michigan Works!”