TAA Leads to a New Career


TAA Creates a Successful Transition

Charisse Woodward was employed with Technicolor Video Cassettes of Michigan, Inc. (Home Entertainment Services Division) in Livonia for 18 years as a Senior Production Planner, and was making $24.01 per hour. Then, her career screeched to a halt with a lay-off.

The Michigan Works! Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program came to her rescue. Once the plant was certified as eligible for TAA assistance, laid-off workers at the facility were introduced to the program and its Program Advisors.

"Never give up and continue to challenge yourself. Dedication and commitment always pay off."--Charisse Woodward

Charisse and her former colleagues were encouraged to think about what they truly wanted to do as a career, and how they could best get back to their pre-layoff wage through re-training.

Charisse met with Program Advisor Diane Geister and said she had always desired a career in the medical field, viewing that as an essential and stable type of employment. She shared with Diane that she had wanted to be a Registered Nurse many years ago.

Diane provided Charisse with Case Management Services including academic and career assessments, and career exploration. The two of them discussed how returning to school to learn a new career would cause Charisse to re-prioritize her life to include the extensive study required for a credential and transition to new career as a LPN, as a step toward becoming an RN.

Charisse selected Dorsey Schools for her training. She was very determined and focused, and made it through the program without additional tutoring, although she told Diane it was tough returning to school after many years in the workforce. The TAA Program helped Charisse with mileage to and from school and paying for the required fingerprinting/background check, uniforms, and the NCLEX exam for obtaining her Practical Nursing License.

Charisse successfully completed Dorsey’s LPN Program and passed her exam, earning her license. She has been employed for nine months now, and is approaching her previous wage, earning $22.62 per hour. Her goal is still to continue on for her RN license, and her employer offers tuition assistance to help her with that goal.

Charisse says, “Never give up and continue to challenge yourself. Dedication and commitment always pay off.” Charisse indicated that the TAA Program was very beneficial and even “lifesaving” to her.