Michigan Works can customize our services to meet your particular needs.

Developing A Workforce To Meet Employers’ Needs

SEMCA Michigan Works! recognizes that the best way to help individuals obtain employment is to partner with employers. By understanding and meeting the talent and skills needs of employers we are better able to connect workers to the actual job openings.

All of Michigan's Works' services are provided to your company free of charge! You will be assigned a Business Services Representative to work closely with your company to understand and meet your specific business needs. The “intelligence” we gather from employers allows us to better prioritize our training funds for those training and education programs that are needed in today’s economy. SEMCA will now only fund training for the credentials, certificates, licenses or degrees that growing industries say they need to fill immediate and future job openings.

SEMCA Is Serious About Satisfying Our Customers
SEMCA has a strong record of customer satisfaction. If you feel our staff has not done all it can to meet your workforce needs as an employer, please contact me at gregory.pitoniak@semca.org.
--Greg Pitoniak, CEO

SEMCA collaborates very closely with industry organizations, economic development professionals and community colleges to coordinate services to meet your needs. We use the latest web-based technologies as well as human-scale strategies to identify candidates for your immediate openings. We can pre-screen and conduct skills assessments of potential candidates. All of this can be done at no cost to you. We will take the time to listen and learn what skills and credentials you will need in the future. We transfer this knowledge to our dozens of training partners on your behalf--including community colleges, universities and private institutions. If you cannot find an entity willing to provide the training you need, we will even work with you to develop a customized training program that can be put out for bid. SEMCA is a non-profit organization created to maximize the use of state and federal workforce funds for the mutual benefit of our employers and workers. We are nimble and innovative. We can save you time and effort in obtaining the best talent. Put SEMCA to work for you by calling: 1-800-285-9675