Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Mission Statement:

To maintain an active presence in Southeast Michigan substance abuse delivery system by utilizing all our resources, experience and expertise in evaluating, monitoring, and funding distribution.

Treatment Services

SEMCA is one of the regional Coordinating Agency (CA) designated by the Michigan Department of Community Health/Bureau of Substance Abuse Addiction Services to administer federal and state substance abuse treatment and prevention programs.

SEMCA provides funding for substance abuse services to residents in Monroe and Wayne County (excluding the City of Detroit). SEMCA does service three zip codes that reside in the Detroit area: 48203, 48211, & 48212. SEMCA funds a full range of treatment services to the uninsured and underinsured populations. We provide the following services:

Levels of Care Criteria

How do you access substance abuse services through SEMCA?

The client must call our Access Management System (AMS) department and complete an oral screening that will take approximately 15 minutes. The number to call is 1-800-686-6543. SEMCA utilizes the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Criteria on the Carenet web based computer system. This is the process to determine what level of care/program is recommended for a client and gathering various past histories on the client, demographic, financial and their substance abuse and mental health issues. All clients have a choice in selecting a provider that is in SEMCA's network panel that meets their needs and criteria. All clients receive medically necessary services. These clients will be issued an authorization for services once they have been approved for treatment. All clients are offered an appointment the same day as their call with the appropriate program and level of care identified. SEMCA's AMS is operational 24hours/7days a week.

Our Priority Populations are:

High-risk areas SEMCA is currently addressing:

Drug Courts SEMCA is currently working with:

Care Management Organizations SEMCA is currently working with:

Specialty Programs Funded by SEMCA:

Case Management Services

Intensive Wraparound Services

Co-Occurring Capable Services

Early Intervention Services

Relapse Recovery Services

Methadone Programs

Recovery Homes

Women & Children (Ages 11-44)

Older Adults (Ages 55+)

African American Males (Ages 12-56+)

Cultural/Ethnic Programs (Ages 18-56)

Speciality Programs (Ages 12-56+)

General Populations (Ages 18-56+)

Limited English Proficient Persons (Ages 11-56+) SEMCA has at its disposal:

Prevention Services

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