Michigan Works can put you on he path to a new career!

A Statewide System

SEMCA is one of 16 Michigan Works! Agencies created by the state to simplify public and business access by providing necessary tools including educational training, self-help and economic development opportunities.

More than three million individuals were served in 2007 alone. Through a statewide network of over 100 Michigan Works! Service Centers, employers’ recruited qualified candidates and job seekers found life-fulfilling careers.

SEMCA oversees seven Michigan Works! service centers throughout Wayne and Monroe counties. These service centers connect individuals and businesses with the services they need quickly and efficiently.

“I really believe that I would still be unemployed if it not for the Southgate Michigan Works.”
--Shirley Solgot , now a Unit Secretary at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital

Customers can access the following services through Michigan Works:

  • Veterans with at least one day of active military service and eligible spouses are eligible to receive Priority of Service. Priority of Service allows veterans and eligible spouses to receive Michigan Works! services before or instead of non-veterans. To take advantage of this entitlement, be sure to identify yourself as a veteran or eligible spouse to Michigan Works! Service Center staff upon entering a service center. For additional information on Priority of Service, call 1-800-285-9675 to be connected to your nearest Service Center or view the interactive map to locate a Michigan Works Service Center.

  • Corrections assistance

Individuals seeking more information about Michigan Works! can call or visit one our Michigan Works Service Centers. If you do not live in the area, call 1-800-285-9675 to be automatically routed to the nearest location.

Michigan Relay Center callers dial 711 or 1-800-649-3777.