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Urgency for Change:

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Next Generation of Talent:

The 21st Century global economy demands a workforce with an education beyond high school. By 2020, 70% of jobs in Michigan will require a formal education. In order to build and sustain a vibrant economy and healthy community, Out-Wayne County school districts must ensure that 60% of residents will have a postsecondary degree or valuable credential by 2025.


The Wayne County College Access Network will mobilize local, regional, and national organizations and resources to:

  • Provide adequate educational support to all learners and create a college-going culture in all out- Wayne county schools.

  • Lower systematic barriers preventing students from pursuing education beyond high school.

  • Improve coordination of higher education access services, particularly to those who come from low-income families or who are first in their families seeking postsecondary attainment.


Our Goals

Our goal is to increase college enrollment rates in out-Wayne County by a minimum of 2.5% each year until we meet Goal 2025, and provide additional support and resources for schools with college enrollment rates under 60%.

Action Steps:

  • Promote and organize Regional Events, Media Campaigns, and major College Awareness Initiatives, in collaboration with the Detroit Regional Chamber/Detroit Drives Degrees Program, the Detroit College Access Network, and others.

  • Engage out-Wayne County schools to plan and organize College Cash Campaign, Michigan College Month, Decision Day, and Career Day, focusing on high schools with below 50% college enrollment rates.

  • Engage out-Wayne County high schools to participate in the Race to the FAFSA Line Competition, and increase FAFSA completion rates to 60% in 2017.

  • Supplement Professional Development for all out-Wayne School Counselors, College Advisers, and Academic Deans, by offering more college readiness updates, best practices presentations, and workshops, by hosting Lunch and Learn sessions.

  • Provide technical support to low-income school districts organizing College Visits, Talent Tours, College and Career Fairs, FAFSA Nights, College Month Celebrations, etc.

  • Promote new educational programs, highlight in-demand jobs, and disseminate information on college support services and financial aid resources available to students and parents.

The Wayne County College Access Network is committed to creating both a Short-Term (next 3 years) and a Long-Term (the following 5 years) Sustainability Plan. We will:

  • Partner with outside organizations and increase awareness of the Wayne County CAN initiatives and programs to create a college-going culture in the region, and to gain financial and logistic support.

  • Expand the Wayne County CAN Leadership Team to include a cross-sectional representation of high level professionals from local Schools, Banks, Major Employers/Manufacturers, and Municipalities.

  • Apply for Public, Private, and Federal Grants.

  • Ask regional higher education institution to sponsor major events and to make annual financial contributions to support the Network.

We are also committed to strengthening our Network through new partnerships. We will:

  • Invite the Community Foundation of Southern Michigan and the United Way of Southeast Michigan to have representation on the Wayne County CAN Leadership Team.

  • Invite major MI donors to Leadership Team meetings and regional events, such as: Skillman Foundation, Walmart Foundation, Bank of America, DTE Energy Foundation, GM Foundation, and Ford Motor Company Foundation.

  • Collaborate with WIN/MI Bright Future to connect students with employers for career exploration and work-based learning opportunities.

  • Partner with Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates to offer a variety of career exploration and job readiness programs for youth 14-24, both in-school and out-of-school.

  • Make regular presentations at local Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce meetings to promote the Network’s newest initiatives.