On the other hand, Rochelle feels she missed out on so much during her time away from work, particularly technology. “When I came into MiWorks that day, I was shaking and crying. When (Michigan Works Staff member) Keri sat with me and explained the importance of an e-mail account, I felt even more overwhelmed. And then she reassured me that once the account was created I could come here every day if I needed to and check my messages, since I don’t have access to internet. She then assisted me with creating a resume that day because there was a staffing company there interviewing for BASF. I turned in my resume and had an interview on-the-spot, and then waited for my background/ drug-test results. Waiting was the hardest part and I finally got the call with my training and start date while I was at MiWorks! It felt like an early Christmas present.” Rochelle recently explained.

Rochelle is very excited to get back to work and lights up a room wherever she goes because she truly is happy that she will be off to a good start in 2015!