Brittany has also made great strides addressing her employment barriers. During this current enrollment, she has been able to successfully clear all warrants out for her arrest. She has also been able to reduce the unpaid fines and tickets on her license by establishing a payment plan, which she has been faithfully keeping up with. Brittany now has a stable housing situation that has proven to be a positive environment for herself and her kids. She has enrolled in GED preparatory classes, which begin in August of 2013, and is very excited to tackle this challenge, achieve a goal and remove another employment barrier.

Brittany has worked hard and stayed positive during her time with us, and this continues to produce new successes. During an open interview session with a hospitality company, held at the EDSI office on June 26th, Brittany was successful in gaining employment! Brittany’s accomplishments in just a few months are highly commendable and are feats that she is extremely proud of. “I am very happy that I was given a second chance at EDSI, and I’m looking forward to even better things happening in my career and for me to become an even better person.”- Brittany Johnson